Option B Book Cover.

Upon reflecting on the death of her husband, Sandberg writes, “We all encounter hardships. Some we see coming; others take us by surprise… The question is: When these things happen, what do we do next?” In the face of a global pandemic, we are all experiencing a sense of collective hardship. Option B (written from Sandberg’s perspective) combines Sandberg’s experience with Grant’s research prowess to create a compelling guide for building resilience, finding self-compassion, and rediscovering joy. In much of my research, I have examined the importance of supportive relationships in combating otherwise difficult situations. Similarly, Sandberg discusses her own professional and personal relationships and identifies strategies for utilizing high-quality relationships for coping with the loss of her husband. This book highlights the importance of leaning on relationships and asking for help.

Stacy Astrove, PhD
Assistant Professor of Management