What are you learning about value creation in the technology industry?

Inspired Business periodically asks a Boler graduate to share their insights on value creation across the technology sector:

While working at Tesla, I’ve learned that the value we offer stems from our obsession with innovating. Starting with simply how our organization is arranged supports innovation and allows Tesla to move faster than other large companies similar in size. With very little barriers to reduce speed, we become more agile and cultivate new ideas to work more efficiently. Tesla has created value in several different industries by solving problems that we have identified from a first principles perspective. That is, tearing down a problem to the basics and reimagining how it could be improved and recreated more efficiently. Several of these problems weren’t solvable with outsourcing, so we commonly insource processes which has grown our vertical integration methodology. This allows us to grow our own innovation at the Tesla speed and customize it to pull out complexities and costs which ultimately adds value to both the customer and shareholders.

Jesse Gardocki
Senior Packaging Engineer, Tesla
MBA, 2014